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Welcome to the Somers Residents Association

The Somers Residents Association (SRA) is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation with a membership of approximately 680 individuals or family representatives who are residents or part-time residents of the seaside village of Somers, located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

This website is intended as a communication and reference resource for members of the SRA and all others who have an interest in our coastal village. Please explore and enjoy our website!

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Somers is a small coastal village situated on the shores of Western Port Bay and forms part of the greater Mornington Peninsula. It is a resort village with beach access and as it is within easy reach of metropolitan Melbourne it is a haven for permanent and part time residents.

It has all of the resources of a small village, a General Store, Public School, Pre school, CFA, Yacht Club and a large number of sporting and small interest groups for its residents.


Somers was not settled as a dwelling place until the Easter of 1925 when the first subdivision of 24 one acre blocks was put on the market under the location of Balnarring East and at that time the first permanent resident, Ronald W Stone moved across from Balnarring.

Further subdivision later in 1925 of the Palm Beach subdivision accelerated the growth of Balnarring East with a Tea Rooms, General Store, Post Office and Progress Association and by vote of the local residents the village name was changed to Somers after Lord Somers, the Governor of Victoria who had, by then, established the boys camp on a parcel of Coolart land.

During World War 2, Somers began to progress into a substantial permanent and holiday village and with the development of the Air Forces Training School and the Navy Depot modern day Somers began to emerge.

All Our Somers

The book "All Our Somers" written by Bruce Bennett provides an interesting perspective on the establishment and development of Somers.

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