The Somers Residents Association Inc (SRA) is all about you.  We are an incorporated not-for-profit, volunteer, member-run organisation made up of dedicated locals who care about the issues of the broader Somers community be they social, environmental or economic.  Whilst our charter is broad, generally we liaise and lobby where necessary, with representatives from the Mornington Peninsula Shire, Victorian State and Federal Governments and relevant business leaders, for the betterment of the Somers community.

So to have your say or to support our continued work, please consider joining as a member.  Membership is open to all full or part-time residents, homeowners and renters, living within postcode 3927. Without a strong, united community voice, we will never be heard by those who make decisions affecting our community.


Located 72 km south east of Melbourne on Western Port Bay, Somers is located off the main road from Melbourne to Flinders. Surrounded by sea, wineries, farmland and nature reserves, Somers is both an attractive destination for holiday makers and an excellent place to live for those who value a quieter lifestyle. Its semi isolation makes Somers a special place that retains an essentially rural character.

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SRA AGM 2023 Minutes

SRA AGM Presidents Report – 28 January 2024

SRA Newsletter December 2023


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