About SRA

Our aim is to represent the interest of Somers residents in all matters that impact on the village.


  • To consult, investigate and monitor all matters that concern the Somers community.
  • To preserve the character of the coastal village of Somers in balance with the needs of the community
  • To liaise and monitor the actions of government, organisations and companies, on issues affecting the Somers community

SRA Documents

The SRA publishes newsletters on a regular basis throughout the year to keep residents up to date with committee activities, and issues that may impact on Somers.

In addition to the regular newsletters, the SRA disseminates other documents such as relevant Shire and other local information, fliers, notices of meetings, questionnaires and surveys.

Committee Members

All SRA committee members are volunteers, elected on an annual basis at the AGM. All share a long association with Somers and have a passion to ensure that Somers maintains its charm and character, especially during these times of high population growth and the expansion of Melbourne and surrounding districts.

We encourage community members to join the committee and contribute to the important work being done to protect and enhance our village.

To apply to join the committee, please contact us.


Foreshore clean up working bees
Residents are encouraged to join with staff from Parks Victoria to help “clean up” sections of the foreshore.   This can include general cleaning up, path maintenance and weed eradication.

Somers School Fair
Participates as a stall holder giving residents an opportunity to meet SRA committee members at this very popular annual event.

Meetings and Lobbying
To keep abreast with events and proposed changes which relate to and may impact upon Somers, committee members attend Shire Council and other relevant meetings.  Written and or verbal submissions on behalf of the village, are provided when needed.


Over the years, to gauge village opinion about specific issues, the SRA has both communicated with members and surveyed the community. Feedback has enabled the SRA to formulate an understanding of residents’ key areas of concern and needs, and helped to identify issues to be addressed with the Shire or other bodies.

The SRA has conducted many surveys over the years to gauge village opinion about issues of concern. Survey results enable the SRA to formulate an understanding of the residents’ key areas of concern and needs.

Some examples of positive outcomes for Somers residents, as a result of member feedback and lobbying by the SRA:

  • Installation of reticulated gas in Somers.
  • Earlier installation of a sewerage system – 2001
  • Provision of leash free areas for dogs on the beach
  • Village wide bulk Electricity and Gas Purchasing option – 2009
  • Improved mobile reception in parts of the village.
    (This is still problematical in some areas and the SRA continues to lobby Telstra.)
  • Road maintenance:
    – successfully lobbied Council for funding for the upgrading of Tasman Road & Coolart Road corner remake, etc.
    – ongoing lobbying for repairs to South Beach and Sandy Point Roads.
  • Repairs and maintenance of pathway access to the beach.
  • Earlier inclusion of Somers in the roll out of the NBN – 2017